2021 Webinars 

    • 01-30 An Innovative Project Design Involving Language Partnership by Xuan Wang
    • 02-06 Ways to Enhance Heritage/Non-Heritage Students’ Learning Opportunities in Remote Learning and Post-Covid Learning by Ms. Jingran Wan
    • 02-20 The Secret of Making Your Chinese Classes Engaging, Interactive and Invigorating by Ms. Ping Wu

2020 Webinars 

      • 06-07 Integrating Language, Content, and Culture Through Authentic Texts by Maggie Chen via Zoom

Summer Webinar Series:

      • 07-18 Connecting with Your Students in Five Minutes by Xi Sun
      • 07-25 Community Building in On-ground and Online Language Classes by Xiaoling Mo
      • 08-10 Building Self-efficacy in the Classroom by Amanda Wisniewski
      • 08-15 Let students Do It!  by Zhousu He
      • 08-22 Equity and Me: Using the Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies in the Classroom by Edward Wang & Dongmei Tan
      • 08-29 Student Voice, Student Choice – How to Facilitate Language Learning Informed by Student Feedback by Meistu Chuang-Mendel & Jeremy Smith

Fall Workshop Series 

      • 10-17 & 10-24  Communicative Activities and Language with ACTFL’s Core 6 Practices by Ms. Catherine Ousselin from Mount Vermon High School

2019 Workshops

      • 04-13 Innovative Ideas to Foster 21st Century Minds by Ying Jin at Westside School, Seattle
      • 08-17 Go Real: Creating Relevant and Engaging Learning Experiences for K-12 Chinese Language Learners by Dr. Wei-ling Wu (main presenter) and Xi Sun (co-presenter) at University of Washington, Seattle

08-24 Spokane Regional Workshop: 

  • 101 Things You Didn’t Know about Teaching Chinese Culture by Zoe Jiang

  • Adapting SIOP Model into Large-size Chinese Classrooms by Jingran Wan

  • How to Use Games to Motivate Students to Learn by Huan-Mei (Ivy) Hall

  • Feedback and Motivation by Lusi Hong

2018 Workshops

      • 09-08 Selecting and Adapting Authentic Videos to Maximize your Learning by Joanne Shang at UW.
        (Workshop PPT slides and handouts available to all participants and CLTA-WA members.)
      • 09-15  How to Create a Differentiated Instruction Classroom to Minimize Student Distraction by Yea-Jae “Pollyanna” Wang at Spokane Eastern Washington University Center
        (Workshop PPT slides and handouts available to all participants and CLTA-WA members.)
      • 08-18 Making It Real: Speaking, Reading, and Grammar for Authentic Communication by Bridget Yaden, Ph.D./ Pacific Lutheran University at Lakeside School, Seattle
        (Workshop PPT slides and handouts available to all participants and CLTA-WA members.)
      • 03-11 Building Democratic Classrooms by Chris Fontana at University of Puget Sound
        (Workshop slides and handouts are ONLY available to participants.)

2016-2017  Workshop slides and handouts are ONLY open to participants.

2017 Workshops

      • 10-28 Integrated Performance Instruction and Assessment in Action by Chunman Gissing at EWU, Spokane. 
      • 09-30 Developing Effective Lesson Plans for Chinese Language Teaching
      • 08-26 Standards-Based Assessment Integration in the Mandarin Classroom
      • 03-04  Strategies for Building Reading Capacity by Shunmei Zhu & Min Wang
      • 03-04  TPRS in Action by Ching-Hsien Shi at University of Puget Sound
      • 03-04  Chinese Tea by Lotus Perry at University of Puget Sound

2016 Workshops

      • 11-06 Multiple Intelligences in the Language Classroom: Activities for all Levels and Diverse Learning Styles by Paloma Borreguero, Debby Heath and Debbie Bensadon, Ph.D at University of Washington
      • Teaching Writing: Instructional Scaffolding and Lesson Planning
      • 08-21 Using Technology to Engage Students in Creative and Curious Learning
      • 03-05 Making Thinking Visible in the Chinese Flipped Classroom
        Innovative Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Common Textbook Themes

2015 Workshops

2014  Workshop slides and handouts are ONLY open to participants.

2013 Workshops

      • 10-20 Google Flow by Stephen Tschudi at UPS (GoogleFlow活动中文版)
      • 02-16 Fun Activities in Chinese Teaching by Tiffany Lin at Gonzage University in Spokane

2012 Workshops

      • 11-03 How to Teach Beginning Students by Lotus Perry at University of Puget Sound
      • 09-30 Performance-Based Projects and Assessments in Chinese Class by Rongfen Sun, Haining Li & Tracy Ge at The Redmond Public Library
      • 03-31 Anchor Group Meeting hosted by Bin Cheng in Spokane
      • 03-08 Anchor Group Meeting hosted by Zhousu He, Zoe Jiang & Sarah Yao in Mercer Island
      • 02-26 Anchor Group Meeting hosted by Chunman Gissing, Haiyan You & Haining Li in Edmond
      • 02-23 Anchor Group Meeting hosted by Meitsu Chuang in West Seattle
      • 2011 Workshops
      • 08-14 Getting Ready for the Start of School Year by Chunman Gissing, Meitsu Chuang & Sarah Yao at Lakeside School
      • 02-26 Digital Workshop by Jillian Tsai & Pollyanna Wang at TECO

2010 Workshop

      • 08-16 Get Ready for a New School Year by Jillian Tsai, Annie Yu & Chia Chia Wang

2009 Workshop

      • Other Workshop Materials & Event Pictures 2009 & 2010

2008 Workshop

    • 03-29 Chinese Lesson Planning by Jennifer Liu