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It’s a beautiful day in the State of Washington, and a beautiful day for conversation! And what better day for CLTA-WA to announce the launching of our blg space! This blog is intended to be a forum for conversation and exchange of ideas, experience, resource sharing, comments, saying nihao, etc. In another word, a place for those of us who are interested in promoting quality Chinese education in general and in Washington State in particular. Come join the conversation! Hope to see you soon and see you frequently!

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2020 CLTA-WA Fall Workshop Series on Oct 17 and Oct 24 2020

Dear, CLTA-WA members:
CLTA-WA is very glad to announce the 2020 CLTA-WA Fall Workshop Series on Oct 17 and Oct 24 2020:
Time: Saturday Oct 17 & Oct 24, 3-6pm (Pacific Time)
Theme: Communicative Activities and Language with ACTFL’s Core 6 Practices  
Presenter: Ms. Catherine Ousselin (French teacher at Mount Vernon High in Washington State, 2020-2021 WAFLT president, finalist for the 2018 ACTFL Teacher of the Year award)
Cost: Free
Clock hours:  3 clock hours each session will be provided to workshop participants. 6 clock hours total. 
You will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link. Please flag this email, and use the zoom link in the confirmation email to join the meeting on time. 
You will be registered in two sessions when you finish the registration process. We encourage you to attend both of the two consecutive sessions. 
CLTA-WA members have access to member-only post-webinar materials after the workshop. 
Attached please find the event flyer. We are looking forward to meeting you in the two sessions!

CityU Classroom Management Workshop – Nov 14, 2020

Welcome to attend CityU Classroom Management Workshop from 1:30 to 4:30 (Pacific Time) on Nov 14, 2020. 
Need help in the online teaching environment? How do I “manage” students online? What do I do when we’re back to in-person classes?

Attend this Zoom workshop: Classroom Management Online! Plus a teacher panel with Q&A

Who: Pre-service and in-service teachers
What: A workshop on Classroom Management presented by Cal Kam, CityU of Seattle adjunct instructor and field supervisor
When: 1:30-4:30pm (Pacific Time) Saturday, November 12, 2020
Other: Co-sponsored by CityU of Seattle, WAFLT, CIWA
Clock Hours: 3 from WAFLT


2020 Spring Workshop Cancellation

We at CLTA-WA understand that these are trying times and that teachers are being asked to adapt in new ways to meet the educational needs of students by way of remote/online learning. In light of recent events, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel our Spring Workshop. However, we remain committed to supporting our community and, as such, CLTA-WA will be working to help provide the Chinese teachers with quality instructional tools, resources, and access to professional development via our website and social media outlets. Individuals and organizations across the world are all dealing with new situations on a moment to moment basis and we appreciate your understanding as we try to provide quality services in a difficult situation. If there are resources, materials, or professional development materials in particular that you are looking for, we encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can best support you and the community.

2020-2023 Board of Directors Nominations (two available positions)

Dear CLTA-WA Members:

CLTA-WA invites qualified individuals to apply for consideration to serve on the Board of Directors. TWO board seats are open for nomination this year. The Nomination period begins on April 10, 2020 and closes on May 1, 2020.

Please note that CLTA-WA board members need to:

  •  be a CLTA-WA member in good standing as of May 1, 2020
  •  possess necessary qualities and skills and be willing to perform the duties as (described in the attached document Board-position-and-duties)
  • serve a three-year term commencing on June 1, 2020

All nominations should be received by April 17, 2020. Once nominations have closed, the nomination committee will contact candidates to submit the following by May 1, 2020:

  1. A statement of intent
  2. A 200-300 word bio

Review of applications will be completed by May 8, 2018.  A list of best qualified candidates will be put forth for the whole membership to vote on and the voting will run from May 8, 2020 until May 22, 2020. New board members will be announced on May 29th, 2020.

Nomination is one of the most important responsibilities and privileges that we have as members of CLTA-WA. This is each members’ chance to select board members who will devote themselves to supporting this organization’s mission to . We would like to strongly encourage you to nominate qualified candidates or self-nominate for director of board positions of CLTA-WA.

Thank you for your time and ongoing support.


CLTA-WA president and the Election Committee


2019 ACTFL Conference (by Jingran Wan)

2019年11月ACTFL会议总结  ( 作者: 万静然)

2019年11月23日-24日,我参加了在Washington DC举办的ACTFL年会。在本次年会,我和Skyline High School的Zoe Jiang老师一起做了Bring Magic to WL Classrooms workshop。Zoe Jiang老师做的部分是the rules of magic. Rules of Magic 包括:

  1. Covering and Reveal
  2. What you see is not what you think you see
  3. Imagination is very important to magic, as well as to WL learning.
  4. Add critical thinking to lessons.
  5. Use high tech to make your classroom magical.

其中,江老师介绍的新学期活动受到与会老师的欢迎。这是一个联系数学,社区的interpersonal activity。很适合没有任何语言基础的学生参与。


  1. Magic via Effective Classroom Management
  2. Magic via Engaging Classroom Activities

我的部分以中秋节为例,介绍了结合天文和STEM的活动 (见附件Jingran Wan_Magic Presentation_Sending)

同一天,有一位老师也做了一场关于Magic Classroom 的活动。这位老师的内容和教学策略和我们的讲座内容不谋而合。她的总结给我们提供了很好的理论框架这位老师总结的M.A.G.I.C的框架是:

M: movement, music, hand-on. e.g. running dictation/question
A: Authentic texts
G: Game
I: Interaction
C: Challenge

在其他的参会时间,我参加了一系列讲座。感兴趣的内容包括:沉浸式小学教学经验、课堂管理和分层次教学,technologies to Amplify Student Voice. 另外,在中文老师的分享会,每位老师有五分钟分享一个教学活动,尽量不用PPT,快速高效,现场气氛十分热烈。CLTA-WA workshop 和 WAFLT Chinese Idea Share 也可以借鉴这一形式,提高分享效率。

2020 City University of Seattle STARTALK Teacher Certification

Background: STARTALK is a national project funded by the National Security Agency. STARTALK’s mission is to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking and teaching critical-need languages, with programs nationwide for students (K-16) and teachers (

What: City University of Seattle has 12 scholarships available for fluent speakers of Mandarin Chinese or Korean to take coursework towards Washington state teacher certification.

How: Teacher candidates who qualify (interview, take/pass/meet standard on required tests) will be enrolled in CityU’s Alternative Route 2, 3 or 4 teacher certification program on a first qualified, first scholarshipped basis) Regardless of Route, summer coursework is the same.


  • CityU STARTALK Teacher Certification: until spaces filled or May 10
  • All tests taken no later than May 10, 2020, with official test scores received by Memorial Day.

STARTALK Summer Schedule:  

  • June 29-July 3 online
  • July 5 on-site workshop
  • July 6-July 24 on-site, approximately 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

NOTE: Teacher candidates will have pre-program readings, online and outside of class assignments, and some assignments due beyond July 24.

STARTALK Summer Dates:

  • M-F, June 29-July3 Online program: online readings/videos; assignments, reflection papers due July 3.
  • Sun., July 5 Workshop, 9 AM-4 PM Backwards Design, thematic unit and lesson planning
  • M-F, July 6-10 CityU orientation, AM certification class; PM lab school prep
  • M-Th, July 13-16 Morning lab school, afternoon certification classes
  • F, July 17 No lab school, reflect, review, re-align; afternoon certification classes
  • M-W, July 20-22 Morning lab school, afternoon certification classes
  • Th, July 23 Last day lab school, afternoon certification class
  • F, July 24, Wrap up activities, final assignments, certificates of summer program completion

Where: Chong Wa Hall, 522 7th Ave. S, Seattle Chinatown 98104

CityU Schedule:  October-June–Alt. Routes classes approximately every third Saturday in Everett, along with full-time apprenticeships in K-12 schools

Teacher Candidate Pre-requisites:

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the U.S. or other country.

2. Take the WEST-B (Washington Educator’s Basic Skills Test) Reading, Writing and Math ( Substitutions: C-BEST, SAT, ACT. See website for more; passing score not required, but must demonstrate English proficiency
WEST-B study materials:

3. Pass the Chinese or Korean ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPIc) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT Internet) for world language teachers. Passing score: Advanced Low.  Please find more information at Language Testing International (

4. Take your choice of ONE of the following Alt. Route endorsement areas:

  • Special Education (WEST-E 070) + Elementary Education NES 102 and NES 103; or Special Education + math (NES 203 or NES 304); or Special Ed + WEST E 100 WL (talk to an enrollment advisor about another possible option and attend the pre-enrollment info session in February).
  • ELL(WEST-E 051) + ELED I (NES 102) and ELED II (NES 103); or ELL plus math (NES 203 or NES 304); or ELL + WEST E 100 WL (talk to an enrollment advisor about another possible option and attend the pre-enrollment info session in February).
  • Mid Grades Math: (NES 203): Passing NES 203 enables you to teach math 4th-9th Mid Grades Math does not include trigonometry and calculus.
  • Secondary Math (NES 304): Passing NES 304 enables you to teach math 5th-12th

Note: In addition to scores on the WEST-B and above endorsement tests, CityU will determine program eligibility for teacher candidates by alternative test and/or closer review of application packet documents.

Additional Information:

  • The Designated World Languages (WEST-E 100) test may be taken during certification; passing it enables you to teach Chinese or Korean.
  •  Bachelor’s degrees from outside the U.S. need to be evaluated for equivalency.  Below is one area evaluation agency:

Foundation for International Services
505 – 5th Avenue South, Suite 101
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-248-2255

  • 80 hours teaching and/or tutoring or experience with children required.
  • STARTALK summer tuition scholarship for 9 out of 11 credits and application fee available for qualifying candidates ($3,650). Candidates pay 2 credits: $800.
  • CityU STARTALK cannot apply for visas or sign for those needing visas to participate in the CityU of Seattle STARTALK Teacher Certification Program.
  • Limited number of WEST B vouchers available to CityU STARTALK enrolled applicants, first come, first served until vouchers are gone.

Startalk Applicants:

1) Email your resume to Betty Lau
2) Interviews will be arranged for January

Questions?  Please contact Betty Lau, CityU of Seattle STARTALK director:


2019 WAFLT Fall Conference Recap

2019年10月11日至12日,2019 WAFLT秋季会议 在Spokane召开。 WAFLT (Washington Association for Language Teaching)是华盛顿州K-16外语教师的最大组织,包括西班牙语、法语、德语、中文、日语等各个语种的外语教师和外语研究人员。每年的秋季会议是华州外语界最重要的交流机会。本次WAFLT会议共有七位中文老师在会议中做了精彩的演讲和活动分享。

今年,CLTA-WA会员葛春清 (Tracy Ge)老师获得2019 WAFLT Creative Innovation Award。这是继去年CLTA-WA会员江凌欧 (Zoe Jiang)老师获得2018 WAFLT Language Teacher of the Year又一好消息!

葛春清老师自2008先后在Newport High School, Tyee Middle School, Tillicum Middle School, Sammamish High School任教,并担任三届CLTA-WA理事会成员。葛老师致力于教学改革和创新,支持鼓励新老师,多年来为华盛顿州外语教育做出杰出贡献。祝贺葛老师获得殊荣!

(作者:Jingran Wan)

2019 Spokane Regional Workshop Recap


本学会于2019年8月24日星期六在东华盛顿大学斯波坎校区举办另一场夏季的中文教学研讨会。本次的研习会由华盛顿州中文教师学会主办,华盛顿州孔子学院(CIWA),美国中文教师学会(CLTA-USA) , 华盛顿州语言教学协会(WAFLT) 、东华盛顿大学现代语言及文学系(MLL)联合协办。此次在斯波坎研讨会有别于以往的进行模式,我们由三个小时延长至六个小时,让参与的主讲老师可以更深入的介绍不同的主题,也让参与的老师有更多的机会可以互动交流。我们也首次的结合Zoom视频会议,让其他华州及外州的老师也可以即时地上网跟现场老师一起研讨。

当天的讲座分为上午和下午两个时段,早上时段是由在Sammamish的天际高中(Skyline High School)从事汉语教学,同时也是2018年盛顿州语言教学协会(WAFLT)年度教师的获奖人,江凌欧老师主讲“你不知道的101 个中华文化教学点子”(101 Things You don’t know about Teaching Chinese Culture)。江老师介绍许多代表性的文化活动例如茶艺、饮食、舞蹈、功夫以外,也很有系统地带领着老师们依照每个月的重大节庆分享她所设计文化课堂活动和实际执行的细节。与会的老师们学习到了许多如何将文化活动结合美术、文学、科学、数学、人文社会等科目,来引导学生学习不同层面的文化,进而培养学生跨文化的意识和交流能力。江老师也应与会老师们的要求,教导大家如何制作使用简单的素材制作印章,  现场的老师们都非常喜欢这个有趣又有创意的活动。最后江老师也提醒老师们不只确实地在将文化结合在语言教学的课堂中当中,她也鼓励老师们做一位文化的传播者,把文化活动拓展到整个学校、社区、甚至到学区,让更多人有机会认识我们的文化。

下午的时段是由三位教学丰富的老师带领大家讨论学习。首先由在奥德中学(Odle Middle School) 的教授中文的万静然老师分享如何在中文课堂里使用 “庇护教学模式(Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol/SIOP)”,万老师透过实际的教学例子,引导现场及网上的老师一起探讨如何将SIOP的八个设计要素:“备课”、“建立背景知识”、“可理解输入”、“学习策略”、“互动”、“练习和运用”、“课程教学”、及“复习/评量”的概念应用在我们的教学中,让我们的语言教学更有效。在学习完SIOP 教学模式后,与会的老师们跟侯欢美老师一起体验“游戏”在语言教学的重要性, 侯老师结合她在ESL 和中文教学的经验,邀请大家玩“猜谜语”、“心脏病”游戏、和“纸卡游戏”。与会的老师玩得都很尽兴, 也分享如何透过类似的游戏来提供学生一个真实的语境达到学习语言的成效。最后的一场讲座是洪璐斯老师主讲的“回馈和动机”,她探讨了师生之间互相给的回馈影响我们的教学和学生学习的动机,这个主题引发了许多老师热烈的讨论,洪老师分享了她切身的教学例子,并提供许多如何跟学生建立信任、和谐的关的建议,她强调老师们对学生的重视及关怀,是给学生正向回馈的基本。

此次的四个讲座内容包含文化教学、有研究证实效率的”庇护教学模式“ (SIOP)、利用游戏的教学技巧和教学策略中的如何利用学生回馈鼓励学习动机,让参加活动的老师们可以学习到不同的教学层面。下面是几位现场和Zoom参与老师对此次活动的回馈:

“Very practical and insightful”
“Learned a lot today. Thank you.”
“ 非常感谢所有老师的讲座,学到很多知识和启发!希望有更多的讲座”

教学是一门科学, 也是一门艺术,希望我们能透过CLTA-WA提供的平台,继续交流学习。感谢所有参与的老师及所有在幕后筹备的理事会员们,让我们一起在中文教学努力!(作者:林秋杏/ Chiu-Hsin Lin)

2019 Summer Workshop Recap

华盛顿州中文教师学会于2019年8月17日在美丽的华盛顿大学(University of Washington)举行了一场别开生面的夏季教学研讨会。本次教学研讨会是由华盛顿州中文教师学会(CLTA-WA)主办,华盛顿州孔子学院(CIWA)、亚洲协会(Asia Society)和华盛顿大学东亚中心(East Asia Center, UW)协办。

这次教学研讨活动特邀了在美国中文教育界享誉盛名的吴威玲老师作为主讲、贝尔维尤学区景美小学的孙希老师作为副讲。吴老师在美国有25年的中文教学经验,退休后一直致力于中文教师培训的工作。在六个小时的教学研讨活动中,吴老师围绕着Go Real: Creating Relevant and Engaging Learning Experiences for k-12 Chinese Language Learners 进行了深入浅出的讲解,吴老师的讲解生动有趣、诙谐幽默, 活动现场的氛围十分活跃、笑声不断。与会老师们不仅深受鼓舞,而且内在的活力也被无限激发出来。“激发活力” 是吴老师鼓励大家在课堂上要达到的效果,这个词贯穿着整个教学研讨活动之中,同时吴老师以理论联系实际,再加上孙老师实例教学的生动配合,老师们感到收获满满、受益匪浅。孔院黄东梅院长也莅临现场。专程从纽约赶来的亚洲协会副主任花木兰老师和高级助理祝艺玮老师的到来更使整个活动锦上添花。

这次教学研讨会共有34名在华州从事教育的同仁们前来参加,包括从小学到高中以及中文学校的校长老师们。诸多老师放弃了暑假和家人旅游、休息的机会前来参加这次夏季教学研讨活动,大家共聚一堂,互动交流和探讨教学心得,收获颇丰。很多老师都表示,吴老师和孙老师的讲座深入浅出,介绍的课堂活动和技巧灵活实用,提供的教学资源丰富多彩。参加活动的老师们都对华州中文教师学会能组织如此精彩的教学研讨活动表示非常感激,并提出希望以后能经常举办类似的活动,为华州的中文教学发展提供一个良好的交流和学习的平台。(作者:葛春清/ By Chunqing Ge)