2019 City University of Seattle Startalk Teacher Certification(1/29/19 Update)

Background: Startalk, funded by the National Security Agency (NSA), administered by the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) at the University of Maryland, has goals to 1) increase the number of qualified teachers of Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu; 2) increase numbers of students taking these languages; and 3) create infrastructure for curricula, materials and resources to support teaching/learning the critical languages (www.startalk.umd.edu).

What: City University of Seattle has 15 scholarships available for fluent speakers of Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish to take coursework towards  Washington state teacher certification, subject to February 2019 Startalk Central grant award announcement and CityU and state changes.

How:Teacher candidates who qualify (pass required tests, interview/conversation) will be enrolled in CityU’s Alternative Route 2 or 3 or 4 teacher certification program on a first qualified, first scholarshipped basis).


  • CityU Startalk Teacher Certification: until spaces filled or May 12
  • All tests taken no later than May 12, 2019, with official passing test scores received after that.

Schedule:  June 22-28 online; June 29-July 19 on-site, with July 4 off; 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. NOTE: Teacher candidates will have pre-program reading, online assignments; assignments outside of class time, and some assignment due dates beyond July 19.

  • June 22-28: Online program: online readings/videos; reflection papers due June 28
  • June 29 Workshop: Backwards Design, thematic unit and lesson planning
  • July 1 CityU orientation and first certification class begins
  • July 2, 3, 5 Certification classes, including lab school preparation
  • July 8-12 Morning lab school with afternoon certification class
  • July 15-17 Morning lab school with afternoon certification class
  • July 18 Last day morning lab school; continue certification class
  • July 19 Wrap up class activities, surveys, evaluations, certificates of summer completion

Where: Chong Wa Hall, 522 7thAve. S, Seattle Chinatown 98104

Teacher Candidate Pre-requisites to Receive a Startalk Scholarship:

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the U.S. or other country.
  2. Passing the WEST-B (Washington Educator’s Basic Skills Test) Reading, Writing and Math (nesinc.com). Substitutions: See website for more http://www.k12.wa.us/certification/Teacher/teachertesting.aspx.West B study materials: https://yvcc.instructure.com/courses/1568768/modules
  3. Passing Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPIc) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT Internet) for world language teachers. Passing score: Advanced Low                                 http://www.languagetesting.com/oral-proficiency-interview-by-computer-opic
  4. Passing your choice of ONE of the following Alt Route endorsement areas:
  • Special Education (WEST-E 070) + Elementary Education NES 102 and NES 103; or Special Education + math (NES 203 or NES 204)
  • ELL(WEST-E 051)+ ELED I (NES 102) and ELED II (NES 103); or ELL plus math (NES 203 or NES 304)
  • Mid Grades Math: (NES 203): Passing NES 203 enables you to teach math 4th-9th Mid Grades Math does not include trigonometry and calculus.
  • Secondary Math (NES 304):Passing NES 304 enables you to teach math 5th-12th

Additional Information:

  • The Designated World Languages(WEST-E 100) test may be taken near the end of certification; passing it enables you to teach Chinese, Korean or Portuguese (fulfills Startalk Central Goal 1: increase numbers of teachers of critical languages).
  • Bachelor’s degrees from outside the U.S. need to be evaluated for equivalency. Below is one area evaluation agency:

Foundation for International Services
505  5th Avenue South, Suite 101
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-248-2255

  • 80 hours teaching and/or tutoring or experience with children required.
  • Summer tuition scholarships available for qualifying candidates.
  • CityU Startalk cannot apply for visas or sign for those needing visas to participate in the CityU of Seattle Startalk Teacher Certification Program.
  • Limited number of vouchers available to cover the cost of WEST B testing.

Questions? Contact Betty Lau, CityU of Seattle Startalk director: laubetty@cityu.edu

Startalk Applicants:  1) Email your resume to Betty Lau.  2) Interviews will be arranged.