2015 CLTA-WA Spring Workshop

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2015年3月28日,在华州孔子学院和华大杰克逊国际关系学院东亚中心的大力支持下,华州中文教师学会在华大成功举办了《任务型教学主题》的讲座。本次讲座有幸请到了佛吉尼亚大学世界语研究所的曾妙芬主任。曾教授既由浅入深地介绍了任务型教学的理论知识,又提供了诸多教学实例。她分享的评分标准和评分方式更是因实用性大获与会者的称赞。下午讲座中的分组讨论环节也让老师们有了互相学习的机会。华州中文教师学会为本次讲座增加了抽奖活动,奖品除了精美的文化礼品和教学用具外,还有曾教授的第三本著作,由北京语言大学出版社北美分社出版的《The Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (Volume I)》。华州中文教师学会还贴心地为老师们准备了免费的教材、挂图、课外阅读、音响制品等。本次讲座,华州孔院不仅提供了经费资助,而且院长王雯秋女士和新到任的周军院长都亲自出席并发言。老师们在收获颇丰之余,还获得了OSPI颁发的Clock Hours。

Nominations for the 2015-2018 New Board of Directors is officially open!

CLTA-WA invites qualified individuals to apply for consideration to serve on the Board of Directors
Five board seats are open for nomination.
Nomination opens on March 24, 2015, closes on March 31, 2015
Please note that CLTA-WA board members need to
• be a CLTA-WA member in good standing as of March 31, 2015
• possess necessary qualities and skills and be willing to perform the duties as described in the attached document Board position and duties
• serve a three-year term

Once the nomination is closed, selection committee will contact candidates to submit the following by April 5:
• statement of intent
• resume
Review of application will be completed by April 12.  At this time, a list of best qualified candidates of a board selected number will be put forth for the whole membership to vote and elect final list of new Board members on April 26, 2015. New board members will start their term of service on May 31, 2015 after the transition meeting.