2018 CLTA-WA Vice President and New Board of Directors Election is OPEN now!

Voting Instructions for Vice President and Board of Directors 

Please take few minutes to view candidates’ bios before casting your vote. 2018_CLTA-WA Candidates’ Bios

Each member can vote for One vice president candidate and Four board of director candidates.  All ballots will be reviewed and approved by the Election Committee and their determination as to the votes cast by that ballot is final for purposes of such CLTA-WA election decisions.

Complete the form below to cast your votes. Click on “Yes” next to the names of the candidates you would like to vote for. Click on “No” next to the name(s) of the candidate(s) you are not voting for.

Please note: select either “Yes” or “No” for ALL candidates. If neither is checked, your votes will not be submitted successfully.  Elections close on 2018-04-23. Thank you for voting!

* Candidates for Board of Directors are arranged in the alphabetical order.