2016 CLTA-WA New Board Directors and Vice President Elections are OPEN now!

Voting Instructions for Board Director Seats and Vice President:

Please view candidates’ 2016 bios.

Each member can vote for up to THREE board director candidates and ONE VP candidate. All ballots will be reviewed and approved by the Election Committee and their determination as to the votes cast by that ballot is final for purposes of such CLTA-WA election decisions. Please select up to THREE from the board director candidate list below by clicking on “Yes” next to the names of the candidates you would like to vote for. Click on “No” next to the name(s) of the candidate(s) you are not voting for. Please note: select either “Yes” or “No” for ALL candidates. If neither is checked, your votes will not be submitted successfully. Please also vote for the VP candidate. (Candidates ordered alphabetically)

Elections close on 2016-04-25. Thank you for voting!


Nominations for the 2016-2019 New Board of Directors is officially open!

CLTA-WA invites qualified individuals to apply for consideration to serve on the Board of Directors
THREE board seats are open for nomination.
Nomination opens on March 14, 2016, closes on March 21, 2016
Please note that CLTA-WA board members need to
• be a CLTA-WA member in good standing as of March 21, 2016
• possess necessary qualities and skills and be willing to perform the duties as described in the attached document Board-position-and-duties
• serve a three-year term

Once the nomination is closed, selection committee will contact candidates to submit the following by April 4, 2016:
• statement of intent
• resume
Review of application will be completed by April 10, 2016.  A list of best qualified candidates will be put forth for the whole membership to vote and the voting will run from April 11, 2016 until April 25, 2016. New board members will be announced on May 4th, 2016.


March 5th CLTA-WA Spring Workshop

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It was a very successful workshop. There were two topics, Making Thinking Visible in Chinese Flipped Classroom and Innovative Strategies and Concrete Techniques for Teaching Common in Chinese Textbooks.There were around 30 participants and the attendees were Chinese teachers from K-16 settings. Teachers thought the workshop was very informative and practical. It helped us get ready to use teaching methods and techniques that promote 21st century skills. A lot of participants stayed for a long time afterward to ask the presenter questions and expressed their hope to see the presenter invited back in the future.

Taiwanese Lumpia Party on 1/31

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CLTA-WA had a Taiwanese Lumpia Party on Sunday, 1/31. Although it was a Sunday, there were still ten teachers that showed up. Everyone liked how tasty and fun the lumpia was!
With proper facility and preparation, it’s possible to bring the lumpia to classroom and share with students.
It was a successful event and the lumpia was so delicious. Please check back soon for the upcoming networking event.


ACTFL SmartBrief

Article might be useful to put on the website to call to the attention of members who are building programs or trying to start Chinese programs.
ACTFL SmartBrief
Professor makes the case for learning Mandarin Chinese
It may be easier than once thought to learn Mandarin Chinese, writes Li Jin, an associate professor of modern languages and director of Chinese studies at DePaul University in Chicago. In this commentary, she writes that Spanish and French are more difficult to learn than Mandarin Chinese.  Forbes (12/14)
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Networking Events for CLTA-WA Members‏


We had our first successful 2015 networking event for CLTA-WA members on 12-12-15. A huge shout out to our coordinators, Alice Flores and Yaqi Li! Our members made dumplings, shared ideas and sang Karaoke.

There will be another upcoming networking event in Feb. Looking forward to seeing you there!

West Seattle:  Potluck
Coordinator: Meitsu Chuang-Mendel
Date: Saturday, 2/20/2016
Time: 11:00am — 4:00pm
Location: Meitsu’s house in West Seattle
Activities: Networking, idea and food sharing, walking in Lincoln Park, tea/coffee time
Number of participants: 15


2015 CI Day Chinese Cultural Experience Camp

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2015 Confucius Institute Day (A.K.A. Chinese Cultural Experience Camp) was held last Sunday on October 25 at Tyee Middle School. It was a huge success! As a CIWA’s long term partner, CLTA-WA worked hard with other teachers and volunteers on making this amazing event happen. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the CLTA-WA board members and members for their great contribution to the CI Day. We are also proud of the wonderful Chinese community we have here who works tirelessly to promote the common cause of Chinese language and culture education. We have heard great comments and received gratitude from students and parents.

We are looking forward to more collaboration in the future which will benefit our community and promote Chinese education in the state of Washington.


Great news from http://100kstrong.org/ 


1 Million Strong Initiative to Grow US Mandarin Study by Five Times in 2020

Washington, DC – September 25, 2015 – President Obama, during the first state visit to Washington by China’s President Xi Jinping, today announced a sweeping new nationwide initiative to see 1 million American students studying Mandarin by 2020.

The President called for a dramatic expansion of Mandarin language learning. Specifically, the 1 Million Strong initiative would in five years grow the number of K-12 students studying Mandarin in the US from approximately 200,000 to 1 million. The effort seeks to develop Mandarin language curriculum norms, double the number of Mandarin language teachers in the US and support the development of new technology platforms to enhance accessibility of language learning to remote and underserved communities.

“After all, if our countries are going to do more together around the world, then speaking each other’s language, truly understanding each other is a good place to start,” said President Obama at a joint press conference with President Xi.

“We welcome the US decision to extend the 100,000 Strong Initiative from universities to elementary schools. And by 2020, 1 million Americans students will learn Mandarin. The door of friendship with China will continue to be open to the American people,” said President Xi.

In 2009, President Obama announced the 100,000 Strong Initiative with a goal of encouraging 100,000 US students to study in China and learn Mandarin over a five year period. That goal was achieved in 2014. In 2013, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched the 100,000 Strong Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, to further build upon the initiative and its goals. The Foundation will also lead the new 1 Million Strong endeavor.

“President Obama and President Xi Jinping share the goal of a stronger, more productive US-China relationship,” said Carola McGiffert, president of the 100,000 Strong Foundation. “That is precisely what the new 1 Million Strong Initiative is all about. By dramatically increasing the number of US students studying Mandarin over the next five years, we will ensure a greater understanding of China, create a pipeline of China-savvy employees and ensure that students from all walks of life have the skills and opportunities to compete in today’s workforce.”

To make 1 Million Strong a reality, McGiffert said the 100,000 Strong Foundation will work closely with governments and school districts across the country. The Foundation will also partner with technology and online-education leaders to ensure students, regardless of background or geography, have access to Mandarin language study.